Snare Package: Snares, Claps, & Drum Loops [Drum Samples]

Snare Package: Snares, Claps, & Drum Loops [Drum Samples]

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      The Snare Package is dedicated to providing you with high quality "2's" and "4's".. Get it? Just a little corny musician humor (Snares, claps, and snaps typically land on beats 2 and 4 if you didn't understand the joke). 

     This kit features 111 royalty free WAV files that you can use to fuel your beats. I included custom hip-hop snares, claps, trap/808 influenced snares, snaps, rim snares, and experimental snares. This kit has it all! 

    The Snare Package comes with 21 drum loops and fills you can drop in your beats to save time or get inspired. Some loops came from live drums and other loops were designed from MIDI. I even crafted a variety of tempo synched trap snare rolls that you NEED to get your hands on. Trust me! 

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Kit Details

20 Trap/808 Influenced Snares

23 Hip-Hop Snares

7 Rim Snares

26 Claps & Snaps

21 Loops & Fills

14 Experimental/Weird Snares

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