Perc Set [Percussion Drum Samples]

Perc Set [Percussion Drum Samples]

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      What's up guys? The sound design team at JuicyDrumKits is proud to announce the release of the Perc Set. This drumkit is special because is all about percussion sounds.

     As a producer, it's hard to find quality percussion instruments. We've crafted congas, hi hats, shakers, toms, bells, woodblocks, cymbals, rides, and more so you can spend more time working on your beats and less time looking for good sounds. All of the sounds are labeled and organized based on what kind of sound it is. 

     Download this drumkit today and add some fire percussion to your tracks! Check out the demo for the sounds below! 

Kit Details

10 - Congas & Hand Drums

20 - Cymbals, Crashes, & Rides

14 - Open Hi Hats

13 - Shakers

13 - Toms

17 - Closed Hi Hats

18 - BPM Labeled Percussion Loops

25 - Random Percussion Sounds (Hits, Woodblocks, Metal Percussion Sounds)

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