Videogame Massive Presets - START SELECT Massive Presetbank [Synth Presets]

Videogame Massive Presets - START SELECT Massive Presetbank [Synth Presets]

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       Videogames became popular in the 1970's. The restrictions in sound cards limited how creative composers could be when creating video game scores. We grew accustomed to the simple lasers, jumps, blips, and beats created by digital FM synth boards. Mania for videogames like Frogger, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Pole Position, Rally-X, and Super Mario pioneered what we now know as the 8-bit retro videogame sound. 

      The START SELECT Massive Presetbank took the essence of these signature sounds and captured them using the Native Instruments synthesizer. Each preset was created to include or imitate the artifacts and distortions we love from analogue equipment. As always, the sounds in this preset bank are 100% original. We meticulously crafted each preset from scratch, so you could have another useful and inspiring sound set for Massive VST.  

      The attention to detail in START SELECT sets it apart from comparable sound banks. The presets make use of clipping, sine shaping, frequency shifting, feedback, phasers, distortion, chorus, filters, flanger, panning, vibrato, bitcrusher, tube overdrive, dimension expansion, delays, reverb, and EQ to make the sounds come alive. 

     Leads, electric pianos, plucks, arps, sweeps, 808's, sub basses, pads, and sound effects are included in START SELECT. We've included it all! These presets are all 8-bit inspired! 

     START SELECT also features a full, velocity sensitive, 8-bit drum kit! All of the drums in the preset bank demo are included as presets! You'll have gritty kicks, open and closed hi hats, distorted snares, and toms at your disposal.

     START SELECT is one of the most versatile sound banks on You can use these sounds in Trance, Hip-Hop, Electro, Trap, House, R&B, Minimal, or pretty much any style of electronic music. Every preset comes with flexible labelled macro controls for simple tweaking. You don't have to be a sound design expert to make these presets fit seamlessly with your instrumentals.

      This preset bank is delivered instantly after purchase! Download these videogame Massive presets today and free yourself from beat block! Click the player below to preview the sounds! 

Presetbank Details

62 Videogame Inspired Presets

5 – Arps

8 – Basses

11 – Drums

13 – Sound Effects

8 – Leads

6 – Pads

11 - Plucks


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