How To Reverse Audio With Logic Pro X [Tutorial]

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     Even though it's not obvious, you can easily reverse audio files in Logic Pro X by following these instructions.

1. Add an audio file to your Logic Pro X project
2. Double click the audio file in the sequencer to bring up the editor. 
3. From the editor, go to the file tab and click reverse. You should now see the audio file reversed. 

     If you want to undo this process, go back to the editor and click undo reverse. You must undo the reverse through the editor. You can't do it from the main Logic Pro X view.

     It's common for users to not be able to see the file tab when they open the editor. If this is the case for you, follow these instructions:

1. Click Logic Pro X at the top of the window
2. Click Preferences
3. Click Advanced Tools 
4. Click Enable All at the bottom

     You should now be able to see the file tab when you open the editor. It's important to note that reverse is a destructive function in Logic. Your original audio file will be permanently modified. If you don't want to permanently edit the original audio file, be sure to bounce the file in place before editing any further. 

     I hope this short tutorial was helpful. If you have any questions or comments about reversing audio in Logic Pro X, leave them in the comments section below! 

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  • Reverse is greyed out. What do I do to enable it?

    Payz Dagator on
  • Like Linden Nelson says (Oct 25, 2018), the function seems to reverse ALL instances of that file no matter where they are. Here’s what I was shooting for: Take a single bass note up high on the neck and cut the track right after the attack and, again, before it decays completely. Now what’s desired is taking that clip, copying it, reversing the copy (but not the original), and sticking the reversed copy right after the original. Then, ideally, you take that pair (bass note without attack, forward and reverse) and you line those up. So now you’d have a single bass note swelling back and forth, a drone note with some dynamics. But this doesn’t work if the original also reverses direction.

    Frank Bechter on
  • Thank you for this quick, thorough, and effective tutorial. It helped, as opposed to Apple’s docs which did not.

    James on
  • When i click ‘file’ and then click ‘function’ the reverse button is greyed out so i can’t click it. Any suggestions? All my advanced tool options are all enabled as well.

    Irshad Raymond on
  • I’m really new on logic and computers in general.. I’ve done everything and I can see the option “Reverse” but I can’t click on it. Is it something you have to buy or download?

    Max on

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