Why Every Musician Today Should Be Using Instagram

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Why Every Musician Today Should Be Using Instagram

      Instagram is one of the best social media tools for musicians, bands, DJ’s, and music promoters since it is user-friendly and free.

     You have the opportunity to capture the attention of a piece of the ever-expanding Instagram pie with around 200 million active users.

Instagram For Musicians

Instagram For Musicians

(image: Instagram)

How Can You Use Instagram To Market Your Music?

      Build Anticipation: You can create excitement for new projects as Instagram is perfect for capturing processes – your recording sessions, your touring photos, your sound checks.

     Promotion: Instagram is visual, meaning it crosses borders globally and essentially needs no translation. You can post photos of upcoming album covers and venues you’ll be playing at. Some musicians even post their album sales figures and photos of their awards. Include a few personal photos too so fans can follow your week.

Record Hunting

Record Hunting


8 Tips On How To Use Instagram For Musicians

      Whether you are a beginner with Instagram, or already have an active account and need a few more ideas, here are my top tips for musicians:

  1. Your Profile

      It’s important to use your band/musician name and email, not your personal name. This is so fans can search for all your cool photos!

     Use the same profile photo as you put on your other social media like Facebook and Twitter, so your branding is the same across the board.

     On Instagram, under ‘Profile – Edit Settings’ you can link to your other social media accounts so if you post to Instagram it will update your Facebook etc. Note: I’d recommend you don’t add Twitter here though, as posting separately to your Twitter account keeps your photos in the feed (rather than shortened to a link).

Here is the best ‘Instagram to Twitter’ Tip for Musicians

     If photos are posted to Twitter they show in the feed. But if you auto-post your Instagram to Twitter, you’ll lose the photo preview and it will turn into a link on Twitter (which will cut down people opening and sharing it).

     SO….a great tip is to register for IFTTT (If This Then That) – for free – and they have a nifty tool that links Instagram to Twitter so when you post photos to Instagram the photos still look awesome on Twitter. On IFTTT, search in the ‘recipes’’ for ‘Post your Instagram pics as native Twitter pics’ (it looks like the photo below).

If This Than That
(image: IFTTT)

Click ‘Use Recipe’ and after you log into your Instagram and Twitter accounts it will be good to go.

  1. Limit The Selfies

      Keep your Instagram photos fresh and entertaining. No one wants to continuously see photos of just you in different locations, or your dog at the recording studio. Mix it up a bit.

  1. Use The Benefits of Hashtags

      Keep hashtags relevant – location, name of festival etc. Four is an ideal number for Instagram before it becomes hashtag overload. (Note: Twitter is different and works better with 1-2 hashtags).

  • How To Use Hashtags In Instagram
  1. Take or import your photo with Instagram.
  2. Edit the photo as you want, click done.
  3. On the next screen, in the caption area type a relevant description, this is also where you put your tags. You can either type or copy and paste your hashtags into the caption field.
  4. Then choose the sites where you want to share the photo and press done.

      What are the most popular hashtags for Hip Hop and Rap? #hiphop, #rap #nowplaying (or #np) and #photooftheday

  1. Geo-Tag

There has been huge debate about geo-tags.

      What is a geo-tag? Basically, it’s a location indicator which can store your latitude and longitude of where you currently are with your photo.

      Use them occasionally for music-related locations – for example, your tour venue, or photos from gigs and festivals – but don’t use them for personal geo-tagging or you may get some crazy fans knocking on your door at home.

  1. Be Spontaneous

Instagram isn’t perfect and you shouldn’t be either.

Take a photo, trump it up with a cool filter and post it.

Don’t spend forever posing for your best shot, choosing filters or writing captions.

  1. Follow Users In Your Niche Already

     Follow Instagram users and other bands/musicians by searching for hashtags relevant to your niche market. Under ‘Explore’ enter keywords, for example,#hiphop, and you can add users that are already interested in hip hop.

  1. Social Media is a Science

     Believe it or not, but social media is not just about posting photos, liking status updates, tweeting or adding groups.

It’s a science.

      There are optimal times to post to your accounts. There are keywords that attract followers. There are some methods that just don’t work.

     With Instagram, it’s important to think how your photos will look as an end result. The University of Wisconsin conducted a study and found some interesting facts out about what type of photos on Instagram ‘get fans liking your photos’ versus ‘what photos result in more sales’….check out the results below! Bet you didn’t know that yellow or blue colors prompt people to buy more albums!

  1. Video on Instagram

      YouTube isn’t one of the most popular platforms for no good reason – people love videos. Use Video on Instagram to get fans excited by recording previews of songs or demos. QuestLove and Diplo jumped on the Instagram video bandwagon early to amp their followers.

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