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5 Simple Social Media Tips For Musicians To Gain You Fans

The music industry has evolved over time and the process of producing, performing and promoting music is increasingly becoming a mix of technology and social media.

Social media can be over-whelming, but I have curated some simple tips to keep your current fans engaged and attract new listeners to your music.

  1. Scheduling Tools

You can’t be present on all social media channels 24-hours a day. By using scheduling tools, your online presence is maintained automatically.

It takes a bit of time to register for these tools (for free), but the long-term benefits outweigh the downsides. So, you can turn around those non-productive hours while you sleep to capture a fan base on the other side of the world.

If your blog is WordPress-hosted, there are in-built widgets to manage your social media so this eliminates time updating each individual platform.

Other scheduling tools you can check out – with free options –includeBuffer, and HootSuite.

  1. Using Photo Editors

Instagram is one of the biggest platforms for showcasing your creativity, and the major benefit is it allows your photos to be shared instantly and virally. The most popular Instagram accounts post lots of photos of interesting subjects including festivals and album recording sessions.

Learn how to use the Instagram filters, or use a photo editor before posting to tweak your snaps but always be honest that you have edited your photos.

My top picks for photo editors are Canva, Fotor and BeFunky.

  1. Headlines

If you’re still reading this (thanks!) you came to this article because the heading got your attention. It’s important for any headline on your blog to have the perfect title. Think about what people search for. It’s normal to get stuck in a rut inspiration-wise, so try these 3 super-simple ideas:

  • Craft a headline based on one or all of the 4 ‘U’s’ – it must be Useful,Unique, show Urgency, Ultra-Specific

  • Include famous people in your headlines to draw fans in

  • Play around with negative headlines – “What (insert band/product/name) are doing wrong”, “ Never (insert action/adjective) again”

  1. Directory Tools

If you want to gain followers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you can buy ‘fans’. That’s right, there are companies who provide ‘fans’ to your sites when you pay them an agreed fee. But before you do, ask yourself, are they are type of fans you would like? Do they fit into your target market and your vision for your music? Probably not.

Any serious musician, understands the importance of social media marketing but you will gain more respect if you grow your fan base organically. It may take a while to show results, but you can use free tools to network, find influential people, and source new fans.

Some of the best tools for you to use are Twtrland and WeFollow.

  1. Blogroll

If there’s another blog that you admire, add them to your blogroll (basically, a blogroll is a curated list that links back to them). Let them know you’ve added them, and the odds are they share the love back giving you promotion on their page.

Have you tried any of these tips or tools before? Let me know by commenting on this post. If you found this post informative, it would be great if you could share on Facebook, or retweet on Twitter.

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