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If you’re tired of low exposure and dusty promotion I think it’s time you should consider some new alternatives when it comes to user friendly platforms destined for selling beats online. Personally, I tried everything to boost my music and become a relevant figure at least on a music pub but unfortunately most of them didn’t fulfill my expectations.

Six months ago I ran into an article about a website called ReverbNation. At that time the platform had around 2.8 million users with a big upgrade from 2.3 million in 5 months. Pretty impressive, right? Well you should know that today ReverbNation has around 3.46 million users including musicians, venues, labels, industry professionals and the numbers are still going up!

I’m going to do a formal introduction for the website, show you how I push my music and how I use this friendly platform for selling beats online.

1.Be Social

Yes, you guessed it. First of all ReverbNation is something similar to a social platform for musicians and fans. This is probably the second thing you’re missing if your tactics for selling beats online are not turning out with the results you hoped for. Not being able to appeal to a certain public should be the first one.

I know there’s Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and you probably have 10 accounts on different websites registered to your production name but you should know that ReverbNation can top all 10 of them.

The first thing you’ll see when landing on this website is a friendly interface pointing you to top artists
from your area. You don’t even have to register to see this but now you’re probably wondering why this is relevant.

Did you ever think of getting in touch with them and coming full circle with a solid project not just try
selling beats as they are? Well you should because unsigned artists are looking for 2 main things on
ReverbNation: connecting and exposure.

2.How exactly can “social” work in your favor?

This is a fair question. Let’s say you created a free account and you just joined this “musical utopia”. What comes next?

Customize your profile and highly consider skipping common mistakes like sharing music you “just
made 10 minutes ago”, way too personal avatars, unnecessary information and a ton of music from
other artists because ultimately this is going to drive people off your page and you'll end up making no
money whatsoever from selling beats online.

From now on you’ll need to step out from your comfort zone in order to get some
impressive results. Grinding to make a name for yourself is hard but ReverbNation is going to supply
you with a very solid motivation: charts.

They have a thing for making tops based on genders, countries and certain locations so if you invest
the right time in promoting yourself as an artist you’ll end up on the front page of ReverbNation. There’s a catch here: other artists are looking for the same thing and one common tactic is spamming.

Most of the times this means they’ll just “fan” you hoping you’ll return the favor. A moral question surfaces here, what should you do? Do you “fan” them back?

My answer would be no, be competitive. Thank them for the support, check out their music and get in touch with them if it’s any good but focus on your own lane.

By any means necessary, always look up for people you’re trying to collaborate.

So how exactly does grinding apply on ReverbNation? Simple: self advertising. If your music is good it will receive heavy rotations and you'll end up selling beats online. If this happens you’ll climb up on the website’s charts and people will become fans, pass your music around in their circles and share it on other websites because ReverbNation has a embed code featured.

You should only focus on looking like a pro, making good music and trying to get in touch with other talented artists who are more popular than you. We’re going to talk about that in the next step.

3.The Breakthrough

After a while, it’s impossible not to receive positive feedback from other people if you’re music is
actually good. Keep in mind that I never mentioned you could literally use ReverbNation for selling
beats online but I did suggest marketing yourself as an artist for a consistent profit can be done on this website.

I’m going to talk about how I implement my strategy on this platform.

I upload up to 4 beats every month and then I engage in a sustain effort to reach out for artists that
are more popular than me. This doesn’t necessary mean they’re better so I always look up for people
that are really talented. I’m talking about DJs, rappers, singers, other producers and everyone who can
actually offer a big plus for my productions and ultimately help me with selling beats.

I browse to profiles until I find someone who can make a difference for my beats and then I get in
touch with them while passing on my music. Now, instead of twitting daily about how I’m willing to sell
a standard $9.99 license for selling beats online, I choose to directly approach talented artist and give
them total freedom just so they can land on my instrumentals. This is not going to work out all the
time but I’ll tell you what happens when it does.


Let’s say I started with reaching out to 10 artists in one week and I got a positive feedback from 3 of
them. One common problem here is that they’re not actually doing the same music that I am. How is
this going to turn out for me?

Well by now you should highly consider familiarizing yourself with terms like backing vocals, a beat for
a verse, studio experience and many more. I’m actually cutting out a short term profit for a bigger
exposure and some serious moula from selling instrumentals.

Sometimes this helps me with directly selling out my music, sometimes the artist just freestyles it and
sometimes I actually end up paying a person for additional vocals. Why do I want to do this? Because
pushing a beat with a Chorus and a Bridge included sells quicker and better than $9.99 standard for
selling beats.

The perfect example right here. Don't you think "100 bottles" would become just one bottle without the Chorus and the Bridge? Also, can you spot the progression if artists team up?

The bottom line here is that I’m constantly looking to upgrade myself as an artist because I want to learn more about making music so I can become better. Surrounding myself with people that can help me do just that is very organic and the good news here is that a part of my music will be indirectly passed on to their fan base so this will help me with selling beats online in the future.

5.There’s no limit from this point

True story, I can go to the studio with someone and do a small EP to sell it on ReverbNation because the website supports that format. All I need to do is upgrade my account ($34.95 a year) and I’ll end up with a publishing deal for more than 30 online stores including iTunes and Amazon. This becomes even better because ReverbNation won’t cut off my profit in this particular case.

Everyone should know by now that being a professional producer also means helping out the artist to build up the song and you should be able to cover more than one gender as well.

I could also end up with my music being passed to other people who are interested in buying it or I could go for some studio sessions with artists that are working on upcoming projects. Just so you know, studio experience is crucial when approaching labels and managers nowadays not just for selling beats.

No one has time the time to explain how you should pass from a standard Bridge to a Chorus for example.

In my opinion, the best option for me when receiving a positive feedback from someone is to be
introduced to their circle so I can make myself noticed. I want them to invite me to concerts, after parties, video shoots and everything like that.

This is the perfect situation for me because I’ll be able to connect with other artists and build up
together from that point. If we come up with a hit song, a ton of opportunities will open up for both of
us so at this point everyone should make a living just from their music. You can also expand this strategy on more than just one music platform but always keep in mind that good music is what helps you with selling beats online or offline. Reaching out to a lot of people that are not relevant won’t do you any good. Focus on making music and being heard instead of spamming people on Social Media with beats.

To be honest, I wouldn’t give up on this website even if I had a major breakthrough because the website allows you to “import” fans from Social Media, upgrade them with personal messages, videos and of course, new music. Also, remember that industry people and labels are here too and they’re always looking for brand new talent but on a short term you can find yourself doing live shows because ReverbNation offers this opportunity too.

(Written by Alexandru Moruz on behalf of JuiceGodBeats LLC)

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