3 Business Reasons Why Musicians Should Blog

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3 Business Reasons Why Musicians Should Blog

      Blogs are an awesome opportunity for musicians to branch into web publishing, and they can offer an avenue to bring attention to you and your music.

      Musicians frequently cry about a lack of time or lack of writing ability, but the benefits of having a blog are much greater than you can imagine.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s important for musicians to blog:

  1. Loyalty

Blogging is a great way to build loyalty from fans.

      You can build your brand as a long-term strategy, and if your blog readers return again and again you will have a much higher sales conversion ratio than third party sites. In simple terms, if they come back to your own website, they are more likely to become customers.

     Maintaining your own blog gives you the chance to curate your own content (text, graphics, videos), add advertising or sponsors, and (fingers crossed) keep more profit in your pocket.

  1. Motivation

     Maintaining a blog forces you to write down your ideas and focus on your vision for your musical direction.

     Blogging isn’t for everyone, so you need to stay motivated to create new content. Don’t bother starting a blog if you can’t post content regularly, as this will pass you off as lazy and uninterested and your audience will turn away.

     If you get into a creative writing slump, take a break and come back. You could also reword the content of some of your archived blog posts for a fresh approach.

Still stuck for ideas? Five topics to blog about:

– Songwriting process

– Rehearsals (Anything involving the preparation process for live performance)

– A day in the life of (insert name of your band/favourite musician/top music producer)

– Upcoming shows (Tour dates, venues, opening acts)

– New music gadgets or technology (Music software, VSTs, Keyboards, Microphones, Apps)

  1. Networking

Blogs are a great platform for networking.

      Other readers may share your posts, influential people may find you inspiring and you can even approach someone else’s blog and share your best article.

      Don’t be shy with promoting yourself and telling others about your blog, but maintain your online respect and don’t harass others with your content or constant links to your blog URL.

How To Start A Blog

     If you don’t already have a blog, there are multiple platforms to help kick off your ventures into blogging life.

     Most blogging sites have options for add-ons (the fancy stuff that makes readers respond), professional pay upgrades (giving you more options to change font, dimensions, images etc) and lots of other widgets and gadgets to elevate the appearance.

Add-Ons We Recommend You Include In Your Blog (and most platforms include this for free):

– Social Share Buttons: Important to get your blog and content out to social media

– Comments section: It gives you the chance to have dialogue with your readers.

– Email subscription and RSS feeds: So readers can get updates without having to tune in to your page

Popular Blogging Platforms You Can Check Out That Are Good For Beginners Are:

WordPress – easy to use with options to add media files and YouTube videos


Medium – it’s a writing platform where you can share your posts to a collection of other relevant followers


Any Other Tips?

  • For US-based bloggers, you can syndicate your blog on Kindle/Amazon. It’s not super-lucrative, and the format is black-and-white but it may suit your purposes.

       Do you have any other tips for musicians who haven’t blogged before? Let me know by commenting on this post. If you found this post informative, it would be great if you could share on Facebook, or retweet on Twitter.

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