7 Tips On Networking In The Music Industry

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      How did Tupac Shakur get a foot in the door of the music business? He was a back-up dancer, roadie and a hype man before he branched off as a solo artist.

Did you know? Snoop Dogg met Dr. Dre through Warren G and that began his music career.       

     The music industry is about creating connections, and once you have done that it is very important to maintain those relationships.

We’ve Broken Down 7 Tips On Networking In The Music Industry

Social Media Set-Up

      As a minimum for your brand, you should be looking at setting up a range of social media accounts. They all have different benefits to spreading the word about your music. Start off with a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+. Pinterest is a good one is you have merchandise. (Many musicians already have accounts with YouTube or MySpace).

Add influential people and fans that are already following people relevant to your niche.

      Buzzsumo is a website you can use to check what type of topics are popular today, for example, search ‘rap’ or ‘electronic dance music’. Have a look at the type of posts that are getting shared – do they have images, quotes, humor, statistics etc

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       Send your demos to upcoming film releases. Movie Insider is a cool website for finding movie production status. They may like your stuff and it avoids them having to pay huge licensing fees.

Trade Shows

     Love them or hate them, Trade Shows bring together lots of people in your industry who can mentor you, provide good contacts or give advice. Shows like Memphis Hip Hop Weekend & Expo are held annually.

Music Gadgets And Technology

      Email your bio to companies releasing music gadgets and tech. Tell them you are willing to review their product and post a review (on your blog, or on a review website).

      Bought some new mixing equipment or headphones? Write a review onAmazon or Reddit. Your review should include a description of the product, how you used it and your honest feedback.

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Give Something Back

      Give something back to your community by aligning yourself with a charity or cause that you’re passionate about. The exposure you get will be beneficial for yourself and the charity. A couple of ideas:

- Food For Funk: Arrange a gig where the admission is a tin of canned food. All donations are then given to your local soup kitchen / food bank.

- Offer your DJ’ing skills for free for a charity event.

In Wall Speakers
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Guest Interviews / Guest Blogging

       Interview someone you admire in music, or approach other music-related blogs and ask if they’d be keen for you to write an article for their blog. Many blogs are happy to oblige and welcome fresh content.

Good Reputations Last The Distance
      Always be professional and show respect and manners. If you have a business meeting or recording session, arrive on time and email or phone afterward to say thank you.

      Showing respect for other people’s time is crucial for creating lasting relationships. Word-of-mouth about rudeness, or sloppy timekeeping spreads fast.

Have any other networking tips for musicians? Share them with me in the comments.

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