TM88 & Southside 808 Mafia Talk Getting Paid, Collaborating, & Atlanta Clubs [Interview]

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     Producers TM88 and Southside of 808 Mafia sit down with DJ Smallz to chop it up. For those of you who don't know, these producers have worked with Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Young Thug, Future, Kanye West, Drake, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Rocko, Lil Wayne, and Machine Gun Kelly.

    The updated 808 Mafia roster according to Sizzle is Southside, Spiker 808, Chris Fresh, Ethan Sachii, Slugg Mania, Smurf, Fuse, Purps, and Tarentino. The production company came to be after Waka Flocka Flame suggested that Sizzle should start his own production team. Rapper Slim Dunkin encouraged Sizzle to develop a creative partnership with TM88Southside and TM88 became business partners to take the entity to the next level. TM88 left the production group after this interview was filmed.

     When asked "What was your biggest pay day like?" Southside explained that his first big producer check was for $42,000. TM88 said once his first major royalty check arrived, he shed a few tears. From that moment on, they understood that their music would be a vehicle for upward social mobility.

    DJ Smallz questioned "What was the worst financial investment for you guys?" Both producers replied with the strip club as their answer. Sizzle claimed there was a period of time when he would spend $2,500 in the strip club up to 4 times a week. TM88 said that it's hard to not spend money when you're in the spotlight as a big name musician. Whenever he goes to the strip club, the staff turns it into a spectacle. Whoever is working the DJ booth that night will shout them out, point them out, and start playing their music. Most of the strippers will head over to their section once they realize 808 Mafia is in the building. 

     Southside and TM88 share that they are committed to making money. Even though he is a successful producer, Southside is now pursuing rapping as an entrepreneurial venture. He says that people legitimately enjoy his rapping along with his producing. Flosstradamus has even asked Sizzle about a rap collaboration. Southside also recently explored DJing for the first time and described his DJ set during the interview.

     "I came on with Gucci Mane - Traphouse. They're saying this new EDM is trap. I'm gonna show them what Trap really is. I mix the old Trap classics with the new shit.  

     "We was producers. We're everything now. DJing, hosting, and doing videos. The definition of a producers is someone who is gonna be involved in the project. Not someone who is gonna be sending off emails. You gotta have inputs on everything. Recording, mixing, everything." TM88 shared to explain how is approach to the music business is different now. 

    You need to listen to the whole video to hear everything. What do you think about TM88 leaving 808 Mafia? What's your favorite track produced by 808 Mafia? Leave some feedback in the comments section below! 

     I would love to create an 808 Mafia soundkit, TM88 drumkit, and/or Southside drumkit and host it on If you think this is a good idea, hit up TM88 and Southside on Twitter and let them know what's up! 



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