Skrillex & Diplo Talk Producing, Mixing Drums, Creativity, RiFF RAFF & More [Interview]

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     Producers Diplo and Skrillex sit down with Hot 97 to discuss what they've been working on. The interview kicks off with a dialogue about Diplo's artist, Riff Raff, who is signed to Mad Decent. Rosenburg asked Diplo, "How much of Riff Raff is 100% real?" Diplo replied, "There is absolutely nothing phony about him. He is a legitimately crazy human being." Skrillex jumps in to add, "The cool thing about Riff Raff is that there's legitimately no filter. He just comes out. Even when he was on Sway In The Morning and did that freestyle, there's not a lot of people who could do that and not give a fuck."

      Diplo shares that he's personally a big fan of Riff Raff and sees him doing great things in the future. Even though he (Diplo) is pretty busy, he wants to make Riff Raff's next album a success. Riff Raff wanted Hulk Hogan to do the introduction on his last album, NEON iCON

     Diplo and Skrillex have a joint project called, Jack U. The duo has 10 tracks in the works with recording artist Usher. Diplo detailed working with him, "With producers like us who are doing cunning edge sounds (especially in urban genres), Usher was able to trust us which is hard to get a lot of people to do." For those of you who don't know, Diplo produced Usher's record, "Climax"

     Diplo explained that the majority of his collaborations come from meeting people in person. "When I started with MIA back in the day or Chris Brown and Lil Wayne's record all of these people I meet in passing. Busta Rhymes.. We did a house record with Tiesto. That was one of my first big records that got played and it was weird that that record was my first time working with Busta Rhymes. You never know how things are gonna happen."

     Skrillex shared some insight into how he programs his drum tracks too. I was excited about that. He says that a lot of his influences come from Rock, Drum And Bass, and Industrial music. Skrillex takes a lot of his drums from 909's and bumps them at 200 hz. Skrillex stacks a bunch of stuff with the original samples too.

      Obviously there's a bunch more covered in this interview. You gotta watch the whole thing and see for yourself! Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

      I would love for Diplo and Skrillex to create a drumkit for If you think this is a good idea let Diplo and Skrillex know we want a sound kit on Twitter


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