DJ Spinz Explains The Role Of The Producer [Interview]

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     DJ Spinz sits down with Sway (of Sway in the morning) to chop it up about the projects he's working on. For those who don't know, DJ Spinz has produced for Future, Big Sean, Travis Porter, Gucci Mane, Cash Out, and many more. He co-produced Future's "F*ck Up Some Commas" with 808 Mafia's Southside

     The producers says that he got his producing start in Reason and later on switched to FL Studio. Now DJ Spinz uses Logic Pro X for music production. When asked "What's the difference between DAWs?" he responds:

      "It's a million different ways you can get something done. All the programs have their certain way of doing certain things. I'm learning all of them. The only one I haven't learned is Ableton Live."

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Heather B asked the producer "What made you keep going (with producing)?"

      "To be honest, making beats to me was secondary. I was djing. I was doing shows with DJ Scream and Hood Rich. I just started playing with beats... [DJ] Scream would start taking me with him to sessions and I started placing stuff and then people was liking it. I'm like alright cool I guess I'll keep making beats."

     Gorilla Zoe, 2 Chainz, and Travis Porter were the first three artists to record to DJ Spinz beats. He says he'll be forever thankful to them for giving him a chance. DJ Spinz says he has close relationships with Southside, Metro Boomin, and Sonny Digital. He talks to those other producers on a weekly basis. DJ Spinz claims that he's supportive of all creators. There's no jealousy or unfriendly rivalry in his circle of musicians.

      DJ Spinz shares that he's on a mission to push the culture forward. Obviously the DJ draws inspiration from other musicians, but there's a distinct difference between that and copying someone else's sound. DJ Spinz claims that Wiz Khalifa's "We Dem Boyz" and O.T. Genesis' "CoCo" were poor imitations of his sound. Shots fired. 

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  • I would love some of your beat packs man…Im lovin these sounds used in your tracks…simple yet genious like.

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