Sonny Digital On SXSW, Networking, & More [Interview]

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     Producer Sonny Digital took a few minutes at SXSW to do an interview with Hip Hop Since 1987. For those that don't know, Sonny Digital is a Grammy nominated producer who has produced for Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Rae Sremmurd, Future, Drake, Makonnen, Chevy Woods, and Wiz Khalifa

      The producer explains how the Grammy nominated track "Tuesday" came about with Makonnen and Drake. Sonny said that the day he met Makonnen, him and Metro Boomin made the song. Once they started to push the song, Drake called Sonny and said he wanted to get on it. The rest is history. 

      Sonny Digital also discussed the importance of networking at music events like SXSW. When asked "Why is it important for artists to go?", he replied that industry musicians (like himself) are actually out and about checking for new talent. You never know who you are going to bump into at those things.

      "I got a pocket full of CD's man! I ain't throwing these on the ground. I be listening... I don't have anything else to do but bump into new people."

      The producer hinted at a new project he's working on. Sonny said that he's going to release a project with him producing and rapping. We can expect it to come out in the next 6 months. He may get a few producers and artists to assist him in putting the project together as well.

       "It's gonna be like a self album. I don't need none of the major help... I don't think just being a producer is going to cut it for me. This rapping thing didn't happen overnight. I started producing because I didn't have any beats to rap on."

       For you big Sonny Digital fans, the producer is starting to sell his own merchandise too. He will soon have a site up for people to buy "Emoji Digital" t-shirts. If you stayed active on his social media, you could have got one for free. If not, I suggest you start! 

       Check the full interview below and see what else Sonny Digital had to say. Let me know what you think! I would love for Sonny Digital to make a drumkit for If you want a Sonny Digital drumkit, be sure to hit him up on Twitter and let him know! 

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