Turning A Track Into A Hit With Mike Will, TM88, Metro Boomin & More [Video]

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Noisey Atlanta - Mike Will Made It, TM88, Metro Boomin, Zaytoven

     Noisey Atlanta decided to focus on Atlanta's music producers for episode 9 of their docuseries on Atlanta rap music. This episode features exclusive interviews from Mike Will Made It, TM88, Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, and Curt Daniel

     Episode 9 spends some time explaining how hit records are broken in Atlanta's growing music scene. Traditionally a hit song is created by artists taking songs to distributors, who get the songs to radio DJ's, and people request the new songs they like at nightclubs. However the Atlanta music scene is much different now. Producers, such as Mike Will, bounce a track after it's finished and take it directly to a popular strip club, like Magic City. This extremely fast method allows for producers and artists to get immediate feedback on their songs.

     DJ's in these nightclubs are very important for breaking new music. All new songs go through them. As DJ Esco described in the video, whatever the DJ decides to play is what becomes hot. DJ's and producers are becoming stars just like rappers in today's music industry. Zaytoven shared that producers have to be ready to step in front of the camera if necessary.

     Mike Will explains how he connected with Gucci Mane. The producer claims he was working at Patchwerk Studio when he first bumped into Gucci Mane. Mike Will handed him some beats and Gucci Mane was interested in doing some work with him. The rapper paid him a stack for the instrumentals and they've remained connected ever since.

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