Young Chop Interview With NPR Music

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NPR Music links up with producer Young Chop in the backyard of a store on the east side of Austin, Texas.

     As odd as it seems, the event relies on Chop's presence at the SXSW festival. The music producer claims that he's not taking any time off from selling instrumentals or attending studio sessions. Young Chop shares that he is heavily influenced by Polow The Don and 70's music.  

      Even though Chop attended SXSW to connect with his public while supporting the artists he worked with, the producer also claims that he didn't took any time off from creating new music. He also made a considerable effort to rent out a studio for some sessions. Young Chop tells us that he's working all the time regardless of where he is.

      When asked to break down his studio routine, the producer says that it depends on his mood. Most of the time he clears out the place to vibe out on some old music. Young Chop refers to 70's music again and emphasizes how big of a fan he is. After telling us that his DAW of choice is FL Studio, Chop mentions that he started working with Maschine and enjoys the software/hardware combination. He got to play around with it in Atlanta and is now focused on making the production tool switch.

      As of right now, Young Chop shares with us that he's really paying attention for old records to study their structure. The producer tells us that his favorite act from the branch is Pharrell. Chop has always been impressed by the space  for the artist to shine in most of the Neptunes instrumentals.

     Young Chop describes his admiration for Polow The Don as well. The music producer also talks about his relationship with several upcoming artists so hit play for the video placed on top of this post in case you skipped it when it aired for the first time.

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