Complex News Interview With Hit-Boy & Audio-Push

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       Complex News managed to link up with Hit Boy and Audio Push to talk about "Grindin My Whole Life", the HS87 record label, and G-Unit remixing their single.

      The interview details certain aspects related to the HS87 come up in the industry and their intentions to grow their brand in the future. Will Audio Push slow down anytime soon? Let's find out about that while hearing the latest updates coming from the West Coast collective.

       After receiving a warm welcome to New York, Hit Boy and his label mates are asked to detail their groups roster. Surprisingly, the exact number is not a sure thing. We're informed that HS87 is also a legit music label aiming for long term relevance in the music industry. "Grindin My Whole Life" gets rated next with Audio Push claiming that the song is dedicated for everyone out there that's still aiming for a better status.The relatable theme influenced HS87 to push on the track until it became their lead single.

      The philosophy behind the track is appealing to HS87 and the crew chose the song to make a stand as a group. According to them "Grindin My Whole Life" is an adequate demonstration of lyricism. Audio Push wants fans asking everyone to judge them by their recent work and not by the music they released before linking with Hit Boy. Regardless of their past, everyone signed to their label is focused on being better and progressing everyday. 

       HS87 was unaware 50 Cent & G-Unit took on their single. Hit Boy adds that they actually played the songs a few times in a row after and they're also happy the remix came up naturally without any strings being pulled. "This is the new generation, you got to accept it" adds the producer while claiming that he didn't agree when radio people told him the first version of the single includes too many upcoming artists.

       HS87 wanted to affiliate themselves with artists that are able to deliver good music. At the end of the day the label is happy because everyone got to witness that making good music is what makes the difference. G Unit taking on their song is proof for their success.

      The climb, the success, and the struggle are common topics among rappers today. Hit Boy along with his HS87 affiliates get to share their perspective on those subjects.

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