Sonny Digital Discusses Upcoming Projects, Metro Boomin, Makonnen, & More

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      Producer Sonny Digital talks new project, hosting with Metro Boomin, Makonnen and more HHS1987 supplied us with a new interview where music producer Sonny Digital talks about his new project, hosting a tape with Metro Boomin and the success Makonnen is experiencing in today’s Rap scene. As we all know, Sonny had a significant role in developing artists such as Que, Wavy Wallace, Trinidad James, Makonnen and many others. The music producer doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. To back that claim up, Future, 2 Chainz, Trinidad James, Que, Ace Hood and Makonnen will make a guest appearance on Sonny's new project. Sonny Digital has also alluded to providing producers with a custom drumkit.

      Today we are granted with a huge treat coming from HHS1987 because one of the most hardworking producers in the game is here to trade some thoughts while providing us with his latest major moves. After doing a small recap on Sonny's contribution to the music scene, Eldorado decided to approach the very first topic, discovering and breaking new artists. The producer tells us that he links up with talented people and they hit to studio trying to build up an organic long-term relationship. Coming out as a surprise most of the times the hard work turns into fun but we can honestly guess this is a reflex developed after many years of grinding.

     Sonny Digital also claims that he doesn't sell out dreams to the people he's working with and he actually prefers on keeping the whole thing simple based on creating music. "When you're doing something and you're doing it for fun, you're doing it for your own pleasure" adds off producer Sonny Digital while mentioning that this concept won't hurt anyone's work process when being applied. Sonny is confronted with a very interesting question up next and the music producer is asked about the 808 Mafia sound. Sonny Digital tells us the he didn't even expect to have this much of a impact in the scene but he can only guess their instrumentals are easy to rap to and that makes a big difference for the artist. Sonny is also asked about his longevity in the music industry and the producer tells us that his branch gets a huge share of the spotlight now being a social presence is actually relevant now. Treating this practice on a professional angle is also very important and the music producer mentions he realized that the more work he puts in the more gets out at the end of a day.

"The days that I don't work, I don't get paid"

adds Sonny while claiming that he sees this more clearly as a full time job. Nevertheless, reaching out a certain level when performing a task requires a lot of ground-work and this case particularly was no exception at all. After a producer creates a hit song, it would be wise to stay with the same formula for future projects. Sonny was forced to travel a different path because his hard drive crashed on three separate occasions. There's nothing wrong with that. The producer tells us he proudly did so without having any second thoughts. If you set a life goal nothing should stop you from reaching it.

     Sonny Digital's new project is solid proof for the non-stop grind and the producer is kind enough to offer a few details about it. Hit play for the rest of the interview for that and pay attention.There are going to be some opportunities to meet up with Sonny and Metro Boomin in the near future. Find out in the video when!  

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