Free Analog Synthesizer - Tunefish 4 Virtual Synth

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     Brain Control successfully created the 4th installment of their free analog synth series. Tunefish 4 is micro efficient analog synthesizer for Mac and Windows platforms. Version 4 is unique because it has different synthesis algorithms than previous versions. Tunefish 4 also produces visuals for the waveforms so users can see the modulations.

     Tunefish 4 uses an additive synthesis based wavetable generator. The free plugin comes with Reverb, EQ, Formant, Chorus, Distortion, Delay, and Flanger effects for tweaking. Tunefish 4 also has 4 types of filters. You can combine up to 10 effects at once! Not bad for a free synthesizer! 

     Click here to download Tunefish 4 free from Brain Control! Peep the video below for a demo of the synth sounds! 

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