Free Dual Tube Filter Plugin - FilterCrusher By Audio Assault

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      Audio Assault developed a free filter plugin called FilterCrusher. The freeware VST is based on the same technology used in their Grind Machine guitar amp plugin. 

      FilterCrusher features a high pass filter and low pass filter. You can run synths or pads under the low pass filter to create that "40" Drake style effect. Use the high pass filter to clear up the low end frequencies of your tracks. The filter plugin also comes with two resonance knobs. Get creative with these and design your own unique filter sweeps. 

     What good would a plugin named FilterCrusher be if it didn't have a "CRUSH" feature? The CRUSH button in the middle of the plugin distorts the incoming audio signal. The feature reminds me of Camel Audio's Camel Crusher VST. You could use this to make some pretty cool bass sounds. Try using this to color your 808's. 

      Click here to download this free filter plugin from the Bedroom Producers Blog

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