Free String Ensemble VST - Cheeze Machine By Big Tick Audio

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      If you're a fan of classic string ensembles like the Arp Solina and the Crumar Performer, you are going to love this free VST. BigTick Audio created a free string ensemble synthesizer named Cheeze Machine. The synthesizer feeds a saw like waveform to a 6 stages phaser, chorus ensemble, and reverb. Even though the VST is simple, it is capable of producing complex and usable sounds with the right effect chains. 

      BigTick Audio boasts that the freeware uses very little CPU. That's almost always a plus when it comes to virtual studio technology. The synth also features 32 note polyphony. You can go crazy with expressive chords on this thing! Tweak your patches with the attack, release, brightness, and voice controls. You can save your presets for later too. This VST is compatible on Mac and Windows platforms.

     Cheeze Machine is free but you must register on BigTick audio to get the download. Click here to start jamming with this free string VST.


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