Dexed By Digital Suburban - A Free DX7 Emulator - FREE VST

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     Dexed - Free FM Synth By Digital Suburban

     The masterminds at Digital Suburban have blessed us with a free Yamaha DX7 inspired plugin called Dexed. Dexed is an open source DX7 librarian and emulator VST. I'm sure you're wondering what this means exactly. Dexed essentially has two functions.

      Dexed is primarily a software synthesizer designed to emulate the original Yamaha DX7 sounds. This is one of the only freeware FM synths that I know of.

     Dexed is also able to edit Yamaha DX7 patches and send them to your hardware synth! How cool is that feature? You just need to own the original synth to make use of that!

     Even though the interface appears to look cheap, Dexed generates some pretty neat sounds. You can generate some classic synth tones with this great VST. Dexed is available for Windows and Mac but only in the VST version. The Audio Unit for Dexed is still being developed. 

Click here to download DEXED for FREE! 

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