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      If you're looking for a free acoustic drum module, you've come to the right place! MT Power Drum Kit 2 is here for FREE DOWNLOAD! This VST is compatible on Windows and Mac

     MT Power Drum Kit 2 has thousands of MIDI grooves and fills that can easily be integrated with your host software. When you find a pattern you like, drag and drop into the host DAW and modify at will. You can string the grooves and fills together to create smooth realistic drum tracks. When you construct the full sequence, move it into your host to create a MIDI event. From your host's MIDI editing menu you can tweak the patterns even further! 

     The VST comes with basic mixing capabilities so you can adjust the sounds in the pattern. MT Power Drum Kit 2 allows you to adjust volume, pan, and compress the drum sounds. The kit comes with Snares, Kicks, Open Hi-Hats, Closed Hi-Hats, Toms, Side Sticks, Bells, and Rides! What more could you ask for in a free vst

     MT Power Drum Kit 2 is also compatible with your favorite drum programming software! The plugin is made to work with Addictive Drums, Superior Drummer, EZ Drummer, Steven Slate Drums, Abbey Road Modern Drums, and Studio Drummer! You just need to download the plugin extension at the download page. Click here to download this awesome free plugin! 




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  • please send me this nice vst for drumkits ilove it

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