Bleep' 1.1 - A Free Synth Plugin (Update)

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      ToneBytes decided to update the Bleep' virtual synthesizer destined for all the Windows users to 1.1 while adding a Noise/Random selector for oscillators, EG support for 8 and 16 bit modes, Overall adjustable degrader, a random mode for LFO and a solid upgrade for the Present manage (now holds 96 items with 32 new ones).

       For everyone out there that never heard about Bleep', it's a free synth plugin for Windows heavily
inspired by the sound of MOS Technology SID. The VSTi features 3 powerful oscillators with 4 waveforms (sawtooth, triangle, pulse and noise) with each oscillator coming with its own detuner an ADSR envelope and LP/BP/HP multimode filters. A Multimode LFO is also available and you can sync it with the BPM when using the Random mode and recording. A powerful arpeggiator is also available with the VST automation and full MIDI learning supported.

      In other words you're facing a really powerful VSTi if you're looking for something to create some
inspiring leads or main melodies. You can download this free synth plugin by going to the official ToneBytes website.

      Click here to download and let us know what you think after you check it out! 

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