S and S - A Free VST Effects Package

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      We know producers are always looking for a free VST effects. We did some extra research to provide you guys with some more free effects for your instrumentals! 

     This product from S and S features a sampler slider which is perfect for delay fix and CC 94 delay length in-case you want to stretch out the sounds and create longer sequences. S and S also features a StereoStretcher impersonated as a stereo expander++ including phase inverter.

      This feature can convert Mono signal into Stereo and it also has a CC 10 panpot. The S Filter has an 8-type stereo IIR filter inherited from the "SH-1 Filter". This also comes with a CC 71 resonance and a CC74 cut off frequency.

     The S Dynamics come with a stereo compressor, an expander and a limiter based on "T-Sledge" with the Sonic Chorus featuring a 2 band multi phase chorus (4-type and 2-type LFO) but because of the Delay plugin if you want to use this feature as a normal chorus you should really aim for the "insert effect'.

     Click here to download this free VST effects package and enjoy playing around with some useful effects for your productions!

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