Twinkle - Free Instrument Collection For Reaktor

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     The good people from Boscomac decided to liberate their newest product, Twinkle, as a freeware release aiming to patch up your VST library. Designed for all the Reaktor users, this release is based on metal blades similar to Glockenspiel; a metallic, resonant and glittering addition making a good fit for everyone who's looking to do some ground exploring for their songs.

     Twinkle is based on physical modeling and its range is able to cover no less than 2 octaves. To improve the sound you can add body, set the sustain, and extend it in a reverse delay effect for your
arrangements. For further modification of the sound, you can also choose the mallets and bow while
adjusting the precision and the attack for the sound bank. Boscomac were kind enough to set this as a free instrument collection for Reaktor but donations are more than welcomed.

     Hit their official website to find out more details on how you can help the team develop more useful products. 

    Click here to get your free Twinkle copy and don't forget to share your thoughts on this product once the download is done.

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