Free Automation VST To Create Transitions In Your Beats

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      It seems like everyone is using the Mike WiLL Made It intro effect but just so you know there's more tricks in the bag helping you get a high quality Trap sound. In my opinion, most of them are placing the instrumentals in that "mixtape" section, a music area that doesn't really come with big revenues but here's a quick alternative to the EQ drop if you're looking to upgrade your music arsenal when making beats. 

    Our "Free VST Pack" is back with the 8th edition. Check out what we found for every producer out there that's still looking to incorporate some new tricks into their beats.

     Don’t over think with these new VSTs. The programs are mostly automation clips meant to help you when you're making beats. If you're struggling to use them, just pick one effect and add it in a song without planning anything. Practice so you can see how it sounds and if there's anything that's substantially improved. You can't have a full song going on a monotone route so this is the main purpose for these free VST: helping you and your music become unpredictable.

     Let’s get back to an alternative for that Mike WiLL Made It drop effect. Our pick is called "Tape Stop" and it's a trick that I'm sure everyone heard it before without having any idea what's the official name for this function.

     Theoretically speaking, the "Tape Stop" effect is just a Pitch drop perfectly execute before a Verse or a Bridge but you can place it anywhere you like as long as you understand the function.

My suggestion would be not to use this type of effects more than 2 times on any of your songs. However it’s up to you how many times you use the effects.

     Let's get to work! Go to Illformed's website first and download the "Illformed Old Vst Plugins" pack. After unzipping you'll see 3 plugins: Glitch, Crusher and Tape Stop. Load the Tape Stop and be sure to check out Glitch and Crusher later on because they're also good releases.

       Tape Stop has 3 main functions: Slow Down, Trigger and DetClick. What you really need to know here is that a high number for the Slow Down function is equal to a sudden drop for your Tape Stop effect. The Trigger also needs to be set at 1 for the Effect to take place if you're making beats.

       Right click on the free VST and select "Create Automation Clip". Simply click on the new line and implement your effect. This is basically it and you can flex this function as much as you please. Don’t overuse this function though if you are trying to create artist-friendly beats!

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