Q-Meleon - A Free EQ Plugin From Madbee Audio

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     Madbee Audio is supplying all producers and engineers with a free EQ plugin designed for precision. This release allows the user to work with a custom set of parameters in charge with modifying the curve's behavior. The plugin is programmed to work on Windows computers only.

The features of Q-Meleon include:
 double precision filters available to customize and modify the parameters
 Automatic band width correction when the user is working below 48 KHz (at nyquist frequency)
 Two GUI Modes; Simple and Advanced (options may vary)
 Integrated help window to help the user with the mixing process
 Some presents available with Madbee Audio's release are based on classic EQ hardware gear
 Two saturation modes: Soft Clip (allows you to add harmonics only) / Tube (allows you to even and odd harmonics)

     Q-Meleon is a free EQ plugin but Madbee Audio is accepting donations. The extra funding will help them develop more freeware applications for producers.

      Click here to download this plugin and feel free to browse around for other tools as well. Enjoy and let us know what you think about Q-Meleon!

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