Flextron - A Free Guitar Amp VST From AXP

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      AXP is supplying us with a free guitar amp VST designed to improve any production library looking to incorporate a bold virtual analog effect. This product is based on a hybrid guitar distortion pedal. Unfortunately for Mac users (like myself), AXP is only focusing on the Windows users at the moment. The pedal itself is based on 2 commercial tube emulation technologies named Flexwave (created by Crate) and Cooltron (created by VOX). AXP, or Alexander Petrov-Savchenko, tells us that he discovered the Flextron combination by accident as he was working to repair a VOX Bulldog distortion pedal.

     Even if he didn't like the Bulldog he was really interested in the low-voltage tube design so he assembled a copy on a test bench. By combining this with the Crate Flexwave preamp the result is actually pretty impressive. He was able to give the sound more presence and fullness. The tone works for live performances as well. You just need to do click here to download it. If you need additional proof for this free guitar amp VST hit play on the video above to see a test performance.

Don't hesitate to let us know what you think about the plugin! Peace! 

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