Add Some Sparkle To Your Dull Recordings With Free VSTs

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      Believe it or not, you don't have to put forth a lot of effort to add some spice to your (boring) recordings.

     There are two free VST plugins destined to facilitate this process. The tutorial will explain how both of them actually work. Press play on the video and see for yourself.

     The first free plugin that can add a softer touch to your tracks is called ReaFir. In short, this is a flexible EQ/ Multiband Compressor/ Gate that can be used to clean the spectrum up a little bit. Pay attention to the peaks and adjust the arrow to even out the frequency spectrum. Adjust the 'Comp. Ratio' as you please and check for an improvement if you want. If you choose the 'Mid-Side Stereo' mode you will have even more options when mixing. Adjust the left side faders to your liking. ReaFir also takes care of the ultra-configurable compressor functions while offering soft knee support, sidechain filters and input with feedback compression mode being available on. 

      You can pursue with this just to see how everything works out but keep in mind that this side will work on the "Mid" part. The other part represents the "Side" and it's different on both channels but you can pursue with mixing as you please as long as you keep the levels in mind.

      Voxengo Overtone GEQ is the second plugin helping you with this neat processgraphic equalizer AU that supports up to 8 input/output channels with setup-dependent hosting. Voxengo comes with internal channel routing capabilities and it can offer harmonic enhancement for your dull recordings besides equalizing them.

      This is a great solution if you want to apply quick EQ for your recordings and it will also help you dodge the boredom in your brand new audio recordings.This mainly mixes and sub-mixes due to a comparably high processing load the EQ puts on your very own computer. 

Enjoy and let us know what you think about the plugins!


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