Concert Kazoos - Free Kontakt Library By Sonicouture

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      I saw this free Kontakt Library and couldn't pass it up. When is the last time you've played a kazoo? Where can you even buy a kazoo in real life? LOL 

     Sonicouture put together a collection of 25 tuned Suzuki Kazoos for free download. The kazoo is a small plastic horn that is played with the mouth. You've probably heard this sound used on cartoons or videogames. Even though the sound is annoying, this Kontakt Library has some depth and flexibility.

      The custom KSP interface allows for users to modify how many kazoo voices are used at once. You also have attack, release, resonance, high pass filter, and low pass filter controls. Concert Kazoos comes with built in reverb controls as well. 

      If you're looking for some new and experimental sounds for Kontakt, Concert Kazoos is for you. Click here to download the free Kontakt Library from Sonicouture

      What do you think of this Kontakt Library? Is it worth the download? Do you think the sounds are usable? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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