NanoMod 8-bit - A Free Kontakt Library From Rhythmic Robot

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      Rhythmic Robot Audio came up with a free Kontakt library destined for all the beat makers
looking to add to their production arsenal. This synthesizer is based on 8-bit polysynths (hence the name) and it also features a very friendly interface allowing the user to modify several parameters with single controls. 

      The graphics are a NanoMod signature and the plugin also features a "crusty, gritty, aliased" collection of classic 8-bit synth sounds from the early and mid '80s. By using source waves taken from vintage Ensoniq hardware and a front-end incorporating Wasp and MS20 filters, this release is able to produce powerful polysynth sounds. Expect everything from pads to screaming leads!

      This free Kontakt library has a lot of features for you to customize the sounds. The knobs are very easy to use. Play around with the features to discover what exactly can NanoMod 8-bit do for you. 

      Click here if you're interested in doing that and don't forget to browse around on the official Rhythmic Robot website. Enjoy!

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